Essential features, challenges, and new technologies to look for when choosing Money Transfer Software Vendor

For many years financial institutions like banks are ruling the money transfer industry. They have a big network of banks, which makes them  leaders in the money transfer industry

After the transformation of internet technologies. Financial institutions are transformed into fintech companies and these companies are developing software for money transfer. This had a very good impact on both domestic and international money transfers.

Many Fintech companies are developing software for money transfer business using digital technologies. Their services are versatile, convenient, fast, and cost-efficient. They offer many different options, such as Bank Transfer, Mobile Airtime, Mobile Money, Bill Payments, Cash pick-ups, E-Wallets, and door-delivery services.

Fintech has helped refine these services by providing the software for money transfer business and reaching more people. Internet-enabled smart devices have made digital remittances mainstream. Customers can make transactions and send money with a click of a button from any device, may it be a desktop or even a mobile device. Regardless of any part of the world.  But for this, they need robust software systems and there are many vendors offering these services.

In this post, you’re going to learn the top things you should look for when considering this robust money transfer software to do money transfer business, But before we get started, it’s important to note that the first few sections of this article discuss the features, challenges, and new technologies required to have in software to be used for money transfer business. 

These first few sections are important to help you better understand overall money transfer software systems. However, if you’d rather get right into the essential software  features, feel free to skip the first few sections.

Now let’s get started!

It doesn’t help any customer that there isn’t a universal software system or website to send and receive money. So many fintechs are flourishing, developing software for money transfer business, making it easy for every customer to send and receive payments. Of the various software available, some Fintech companies have grown in popularity because sending and receiving money can be done instantly, across the world.

So what is the software for money transfer business, The software is used to

Make businesses smoother, quicker, and safer.

Ease the transactions happening on a daily basis.

To integrate multiple payout and pay-in agents.

By banks to payout customers.

To generate reports for Management, Compliance Officers, and end customers

Features of the money transfer software system

Quick, Easy & Simple

Well Organized Transaction Manager

Highly Secured And Protected

Instant Money Transfer

Transfer Money To and from any Bank Account

Send and request money

Collect KYC data

Exchange rates management

Rate Feed

Transfer Limits

Multiple pricing models

Notification for Management and end-users

Multiple API integrations for payout and pay in partners

Email and SMS gateways

Payment gateway integrations

Mobile Apps

Agent/Users Module

Export Options

Scheduled backups

Report Manager

24/7 support

Live Chat Integration


There are challenges to ensure that the software is developed in such a way that it needs to be secured and needs to provide access only to the account owner and who comply with the compliance rules. Only after proper verification of KYC, the accesses should be allowed not to make transactions. Not just this but the software should ensure the privacy of the data stored and by implementing the 2-factor authentication. Fintech offering the software and Mobile app development should provide all the below challenges. Below are a few things to keep in mind before signing a contract with any vendor.

Risk of privacy

Risk of correctness or accuracy

Risk of fraud

Risk of conflict

Ways to Make Money Transfer Software System Development More Secure than Ever

Two-factor authentication


Data Encryption

AVS (Address Verification System)


PCI Compliance

On-demand server solution

New technologies

Providing your customers a seamless software system is a must along with other offerings that can help to differentiate an institution from the competition. An efficient money transfer software system ensures a good user experience by making sending and receiving money easy, fast, cost-effective, and automated. Fintech should also make sure they will implement the payment regulations 

The software can help, provide personalized digital service, fewer interactions with Companies and branches, and higher quality. customers will be able to transfer funds easily in just a few clicks or swipes for reasonable fees.

Providing feedback and notifications about the status of transfers will instill confidence in the consumer that they are in good hands with their financial institution.



Remitz software offers money transfer software for people who want to start a money transfer business. Before you approach remitz software they need to have in place all the below things.
When starting a money transfer business, it is important for you to analyze the market and determine factors like the potential affiliates, competitors and the primary customer base. But there are plenty of other factors that need to be kept in mind to make sure you are not way over your head. However, this does not necessarily have to be a complicated task even though it can prove difficult. Here is everything you need to know about starting your money transfer business for effective results in the long run
Meet requirements
The main way you can begin a money transfer business is by meeting your nation’s least necessities. The prerequisites regularly incorporate and are not restricted to, a surety security or a base total assets.
Procure a Money-Transferring License
It is imperative for you to pay all application expenses so as to get a money transfer permit. The prerequisites for both the application charges and permit rely upon the country you wish to set up a business in. For more data, there is no damage in getting authorizing necessities for every particular country from the National Money Transmitters Association.
Apply for Registration of Money Services Business Applications Form
When you have gotten an enlistment of cash administrations business application structure, fill it and submit it to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network immediately. The office is a piece of the Department of Treasury, and you have to present the structure inside 180 days in the wake of building up your business.
Set Up a Merchant Bank Account

In the wake of picking the bank you wish to work with, set up a Merchant account. This will enable you and your business to acknowledge charge and Visa installments without issue. Yet, that isn’t all, as store installments can likewise be recovered and made into your clients’ records.
Begin Business Operations
Having finished the means depicted above, you can at long last begin your business tasks. You can acknowledge all money transfer demands from a store or offer your administrations online rather, utilizing your business’ website to minimize expenses.
Once you have begun the operations, it is time now to approach the software providers to get software solutions for money transfer applications developed or buy from someone who has already developed. But make sure you check on the software platform it is developed. From my experience I can say that we need to hire the custom software developers, because in this remittance industry there are a lot of third party integrations to be done. Example small world, money gram , muthoot and major banks to be integrated . When banks are integrated with the software it will be easy to operate as we can make bank transfers easily.

The software should be able to solve the anti money laundering checkups .